Business Training Programmes
Courses include: Negotiation Skills, Project Management, Presentation Techniques, Business Communications, Business Writing, Branding, Coaching Skills, Customer Service, Leadership Training, Business Skills, Business Writing, Change Management, Coaching (executive), Communication Skills, Conflict Handling, Client Service, Customer Care, Diversity, Emotional Intelligence, Enneagram, Assertiveness, Goal Setting And Accountability, Management, Leadership, Manage Change, Negotiating And Influencing, Presentation Skills, Problem Solving And Decision Making, Sales, Stress Management, Teamwork, Telephone Skills, Time Management, Voice Training Soft Skills, Personal Development, Conflict Management Training, Interpersonal Skills Training, Presentation Skills Training, In-Company Training Courses, Change Management, Telephone Skills, Negotiating, Client Care and Customer Service, Branding.

        • Business writing
          Writing etiquette for professionals.
        • Client Inc
          Client service to build relationships with clients and develop loyalty.
        • Coaching Skills
          Basic coaching skills to empower teams and individuals.
        • Professional COMMUNICATION Skills
          Skills to enhance communication through all channels (verbal, non-verbal, telephone, meetings, presentations and social media).
        • Organisational COMMUNICATION
          Learning skills to understand the “culture” of business and the flow of communication.
        • Creative Conversations
          Turning conflict into a conversation.
        • Critical Thinking
          Focus on improving the quality of thinking by skilfully analysing, assessing, and practising conceptual and creative and critical thinking.
        • Effective Meetings
          Planning and conducting meetings. (Minute taking included)
        • Enneagram for enhancing teams
          Understanding each other’s diversity, motivation and blind spots.
        • Entrepreneurial Skills
          How to act like it is your own business. (Skills to think out of the box).
        • EQ for Teams
          Emotional intelligence skills to function optimally as a team.
        • Front-line and Receptionist training
          Professional communication for front-line staff.
        • Hands-on-Management
          Practical leadership skills to lead with confidence.
        • How to get your MOJO back
          Stress and life management skills
        • iBrand
          Developing your own personal brand.Manage
        • Multiple Projects and Deadlines
          Planning and prioritising projects.
        • Management Skills for First Time Managers
          Debrief the theory of managing to practical skills.
        • Managing Change
          Learning to let go to flow and flourish.
        • Negotiating & Influencing
          Learn skills to negotiate a win-win situation.
        • Personal Mastery
          Emotional intelligence skills for individuals.
        • Presentation Skills
          How to present in any situation (presentation, meetings).
        • Problem Solving
          Skills to develop solution thinking.
        • Strategy Sessions
          Setting priorities and outline goals.
        • Super Sales
          How to sell your services and product.
        • Supervisory Training
          Supervision Skills
        • Telephone Skills
          Telephone etiquette for anyone.
        • Time Management
          How to management your time, deadlines and life.
        • Sharpen your Training Skills
          Train-the-Trainer Skills.
        • Virtual Teams
          Building team over distance.

    New programmes:

          • SNITCH
            We provide trained mystery shoppers for companies such as Two Ocean’s Aquarium. We find the gaps for you and then show you ways to fix them.
          • SKYPE COACHING
            We offer confidential coaching session using Skype.

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