Managing Multiple Projects Deadlines

The purpose of our managing multiple projects and deadlines course is to learn to stay calm under pressure, be assertive with decisions and delegate tasks where necessary.

Are you wearing too many hats? 
Do you report to more than one manager? 
Do you feel like you are always putting our fires? 
Is stress threatening your effectiveness?

Managing multiple tasks and priorities has become a part of our work culture. Every day you are probably juggling a variety of projects, taking on more responsibilities at work of having to report to more than one person. If done well, you move toward business goals faster. If done poorly, you can stretch yourself so thin that you under-perform and under-deliver.

Let Pro-Active Communications guide you in the area of managing multiple projects and deadlines.  For training that is fresh, funky and fun.  Offering customised programmes that make a long-term difference in individuals, teams and cultures.

Managing Multiple Projects & Deadlines
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