Hands On Management

A hands on manager is actively involved in some work that is similar to that of his employees. He is never completely detached from the day-to-day needs and operations of the business. A hands-on manager will take time out to coach his team and associates and is actively invested in their
progress. He spends time interacting directly with the employees and collaborating on projects. They always keep lines of communication open and take an active part in providing regular feedback and employee mentoring.

These managers are constantly on the perimeter of things happening in the office, if not smack in the middle. They are like the coach of a sports team, showing, observing and shaping their employees in the way best suited for their organization.

Ideal ..hands on management… is well aware of the difference between teaching, training and coaching. (The hands on manager) has an acute understanding of how to tailor employee development for each level of the corporate ladder.

For ideal application of this management style, the manager needs to effectively train the trainers. The team leaders need to be advised to support, reinforce and contribute in the efforts of the employees.

Advantages of Hands-on Management

  • It gives the manager access to more ideas from the customers as well as the employees. This can work in favor of the manager if approached with an open mind.
  • Managers gain a deeper and more insightful understanding of their business.
  • The attitude of such managers, of getting down in the trenches, often earns them the respect of their employees.
  • It helps the managers recognize the importance of employee input and they are  more often than not good mentors.


It helps keep the employees focused because of the boss’s consistent participation.

Info thanks to – Workzone.com

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