Anne Wilson Schaef

“What we perceive as a failure may simply be our inner being’s way of telling us that we are ready to move to a new level of growth.” Anne Wilson Schaef

Napoleon Hill

“Thomas Edison dreamed of a lamp that could be operated by electricity, began where he stood to put his dream into action, and despite more than ten thousand failures, he stood by that dream until he made it a physical reality. Practical dreamers do not quit. ” Napoleon Hill

Working in Silo’s

Are you finding it hard to share information with your colleague or those in other departments? It’s called working in silos. Silos can exist in businesses or organisations. How to identify that you are working in silos…‘Did you manage to find that information your colleague saved on the system?’ You … Continue reading

What are we up to?

Book of the week: We are reading “Bringing out the best in everyone you coach” by Ginger Lapid-Bogda. Movie of the week: Jack Reacher. Reason: Expect the unexpected and have a plan E… New programme: Pursuit of passion. Don’t “flat-line”, rather have “wow” moments. Song of the week: “All I … Continue reading

This week at PAC

Book of the week: We are reading “Reading the Room: Group Dynamics for Coaches and Leaders” by David Kantor Movie of the week: Coach Carter Reason: Innovative coaching with a positive end in mind Song of the week: “Ode to Joy” by Beethoven Campaigns: FOCUS: in its 2nd phase…new champions … Continue reading

Telephone Etiquette

A good read on Telephone Etiquette by Hanrie Hill Telephone Etiquette should be a compulsory subject at school level. It is one of the most frustrating things to try and talk to someone on the phone who: Does not listen. Eats, yawns or sneezes. Speaks too softly or “swallows” their … Continue reading

“Spirit of Ubuntu”

Pro-Active Communications is embracing the “Spirit of Ubuntu” with BIBC Martin Luther King Jr said: “I can never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be, and you can never be what you ought to be until I am what I ought to be…” … Continue reading

Individual Coaching

Hanrie Hill has been my coach for the past year. I have found Hanrie’s coaching instrumental in my development as well as my ability to successfully manage my branch. Hanrie has a natural approach focusing on that which is relevant at the time, whether it is work related or of … Continue reading

Enneagram Team Interventions

How Productive & Effective is your Team? Does your team understand each other’s diversity and strength? What is your team’s “flavour”, and how do you enhance it? Enneagram Pro-Active Communications has celebrated huge successes with Enneagram Team Intervention. It is a one day workshop with an optional follow-up half day … Continue reading

Enneagram Workshop

“The Enneagram is a geometric figure that maps out the nine fundamental personality types of human nature, their core motivations and how the types interact with each other.” Riso & Hudson Come and experience what the Enneagram can do for your personal growth and in achieving your objectives in life. … Continue reading

Skype a Coach!

Why the need to Skype a Coach: Do you feel stuck in life, your career, or your relationships? Do you need to move to the next level in business? Do you feel that there should be more to life? In the privacy of your own home or office you can … Continue reading

Get Your Mojo Back

Once in a while we all need to check our Mojo-meter…   Low Mojo Symptoms: Losing the golden touch in keeping clients. Losing the golden touch in building relationships. Regular low success rate. Low energy level at work or home.   We have the cure… This is a one-day interactive … Continue reading

Management Skills for First Time Managers

Introduction: The transformation from an individual contributor to a manager can be a big shift. According to a Future Workplace study (, 83% of surveyed respondents said they have Millennial managers in their office, but nearly half of the older generations believed Millennials were ill-equipped to manage a team. 44% … Continue reading

SABC2 Fokus Interview

Strategy of positive communication “The art of communication is the language of leadership.” ~James Humes~ Here is what Hanrie Fridjhon had to say about the strategy of positive communication for the City of Cape Town. Transcription: “Fokus wou van ‘n Kaapse kommunikasie spesialis, Hanrie Fridjhon, hoor of die Stad Kaapstad hulle … Continue reading

Professionalism in Conversation

Professional Telephone Skills In 2013, Hanrie Fridjhon (then Hill), wrote an interesting article on professional telephone skills for the Die Burger Newspaper – Talent. When  it comes to being professional when talking to a customer or client over the telephone, there are certain words or sentences which are described as … Continue reading

Virtual Presence

Virtual Presence Are you aware that you appear “mid head”, “nostrils only”, or “chin down” on camera? The virtual business world is becoming the future. You connect on screens, influencing – negotiating – instructing – communicating. What does your virtual presence say about you? Are you even aware that you … Continue reading

Bite Size Zoom Sessions

How do you help your employees to stay focussed and motivated in these uncertain times? Life is challenging. Working from home can cause even more uncertainty, anxiety, depression, and even anger. Companies need to tighten their belts, and at the same time enable employees to keep their MOJO. Work-life balance … Continue reading